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Zend Certified Engineer

Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) is the consent degree to people who was approved in Zend certification exam. Zend is the company that mantains PHP language and Zend Framework.

We have less than 200 PHP Zend Certified Engineers in Brazil. Although, the degree is one valid way to comprove a certain knowledge about the language. It helps some companies to select candidates.

It is hard to determine the exam hardship. The reason is that the exam has 70 questions, but the exam software do not shows your score and, so, we do not know the percentage of wright answers we have to take to be approved.

The exam is taken in a special room (with camera) and it must be finished until 90 minutes. At the end, the software shows if you were approved or not. I has approved at first try. It is the reason I do not know the exam hardship. By the way, I can tell the exam expects you have experience to answer the questions. It is a lot of study that are not combined with practice can be insuficient.

I have studied about 2 weeks to this exam. It was a fast study, where I was focused to review the minutiae of the language. There are many topics in the exam, since basic sintax to web service. In future posts I could write more tipes.

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